A dentist is responsible for maintaining the wellness of a person’s mouth. May it be the gums, teeth, or tongue, dentists have it covered. They make a person’s smile have that certain sparkle and glow.


However, a lot of people are still afraid to seek the help of a dentist. In this post, you will find out the top reasons why a lot of people still fear going to the dentist — and why they should get over it.

  1. The pain. People have a general connotation that dental procedures hurt. Nobody wants to experience pain, of course, but sometimes, it’s all psychological. If you, however, don’t visit your dentist at all, you are bound to experience more pain for lack of professional dental maintenance. As much as you don’t want to feel pain, dentists have no intention of hurting you as well.
  2. The drill. Perhaps one of the widely used explanation of not going to the dentist is because of the fear of this instrument. Unlike the common drill used for carpentry and construction, the dental drill is often used to clean the teeth. There’s nothing to fear because without this tool, your teeth would be full of plaques and cavities.afraid-of-dentist
  3. The sound and the smell. It gives you a weird sense of restlessness, doesn’t it? Sometimes you just can’t bear to look at what your dentist is doing to your mouth. Hence, you just close your eyes and wish for it to be over. With that, all your other senses are heightened, especially your sense of smell and hearing. Don’t fret, what you smell is just a mix of dental drugs and mixtures and what you’re hearing is your dentist doing his best to fix what’s wrong in your mouth.
  4. The feeling of powerlessness. With you just sitting on the dental chair while the dentist work on your mouth, it will surely make you feel powerless, right? It’s like you have no control on what he’s going to do. Sometimes, you can’t stop trembling while your dentist is working because you’re nervous. Just remember to relax because any sudden movement can have an effect to what the dentist is concentrating on. You also wouldn’t want your mouth to be injured due to your sudden and panicky movements, right?
  5. The needle. This is probably the top and most common reason why people are terrified of dentists. In old movies and shows, they often portray a dentist as someone who releases his anger and frustrations by sticking huge needles at the patient’s mouth. This is also not true. Not all dental procedures require the use of needles. It is just used to apply the anaesthesia if a patient is having a teeth removed or some other related procedures. In case you’re having the said procedure, there is still nothing to fear. The part where it will be injected will of course be prepped; the needle to be used will only be small and before you know it, the affected part will be numbed.

There’s absolutely no reason for you to fear your dentist. People just tend to overthink about the things that might happen when they go to the dentist. If you are, however, really scared every time you sit on the dental chair, just close your eyes and think of happy thoughts.