Everyone is certainly capable of learning new skills in a matter of months. These skills are not just helpful for your job, but also useful for a more productive day-to-day life. While certain skills can provide immediate benefits, others come in handy when we least expect it to be. Here, we’ll share five useful everyday skills you can learn in just six months.

  1. Public Speaking

It’s normal to feel terrified to talk in front of the crowd, but it’s not ideal to remain feeling like one for the rest of your life. According to executives and professionals, the number one skill recent graduates have to learn is public speaking skills. Everything from confidence, communication, and sales come easy when you can comfortably speak in front of the public.

  1. Basic Accounting

If you are looking into the possibility of putting up your own business, whether big or small, basic accounting is one of the fundamental core you need to learn. While you do not need to be an accounting wizard, you’ll definitely get some good use out of the basics. And not only is it helpful for businesses, this skill is also useful for managing your personal finances and have better control of your life.

  1. Weight Training

Yes, weight training can also be considered as a skill, but it is not as advanced as learning programming nor takes as long as learning Spanish. While we don’t promise you ripped abs and perfectly toned muscles in six months, you will see significant results in such span of time just by ensuring proper weight training.

  1. Blogging

Starting a blog in the Internet seems like a no-brainer. With so many free hosting sites to choose from, anyone can make a blog anytime. Blogging enables you to hone your writing skills by writing anything that interests you. A high quality blog provides potential employers an idea of your research ability, communication skills, and dedication to a project. You can even earn money from paid advertisements if companies find your blog site interesting enough.

  1. Basics of Foreign Language

Ads for language learning apps and software have never been more prevalent. That’s because the increasingly globalized work fields of today’s generation requires people who can communicate with other nationalities. Japanese, French, German, and Spanish are just a few of the great options to consider when deciding on a language to learn. While mastering a language takes more than six months, you will be able to learn the basics, which should help you navigate not only through business scenarios but also through fun and leisurely travels.

So, what are you waiting for? Enrich yourself by learning a new skill. Regardless of which life-changing skill you choose to pursue, it will impact your life in the most positive way.