Enrolling in online singing lessons is one of the most cost-effective way to become the best singer you always wanted to be. However, the type of singing program that would suit your needs will greatly depend on your singing style, as well as the goal you plan to achieve after honing your singing prowess. With that in mind, we listed down some of the best vocal lesson courses available online, as well as the factors you need to consider when choosing an online voice lesson to enrol in.

Best Singing Lessons on the Internet

• HearAndPlay’s Vocal Master System

Love the programs and courses offered by HearAndPlay? If so, then their Vocal Mastery System course is perfect for you. What makes the program standout from the rest is their easy-to-understand steps on learning how to sing. It also offers vocal training to help you control and master your singing voice.

Although most of the singing lessons they are offering focus mainly on the basics, they also provide advance exercises such as riffs and runs that allow even the seasoned singers to learn something new. Despite specializing in Gospel Music, HearAndPlay will teach you how to develop a more soulful and powerful voice regardless of the genre you are planning to sing.

• Singing Success 360

Founded by the world-renowned vocal training instructor Brett Manning, Singing Success is touted as one of the best online vocal lesson courses that both amateur and professional singers should try. Whether you are having troubles hitting the high notes, in the process of improving your vibrato, or currently developing your vocal style, this program will serve as you coach and guide to honing your singing prowess.

Singing Success is a revolutionary vocal training program that is guaranteed to dramatically improve your singing skills and develop your unique singing voice so you will have the freedom to sing with much ease and consistency.

• Singorama

Singorama offers the best singing lessons at a small fraction of what it would cost to enrol and attend actual singing classes. The program gained much popularity online because of the complete singing course it offers that is ideal for all types of singers.

The program offer courses that cover basic vocal exercises, including singing techniques and voice warm-ups. Singorama is also risk-free, meaning you will be given a 60-day money-back guarantee if you were not satisfied with the result that you got from the singing lessons. Its only drawback is it is software-based, which means you need to be on your computer or laptop for you to learn the singing exercises that they are offering.

• Superior Singing Method

If you appreciate getting some feedback about your vocal frequency, intensity and pitch, then this program is perfect for you. Superior Singing Method is touted as one of the most popular downloadable vocal training course online, and there is just a lot of reasons why. This video-based singing lessons program provides vocal exercises and supplementary worksheets that is perfect for both beginner and advanced users.

If you have not tried any singing lessons in Singapore before, then SSM is the best place for you to get a thorough grounding on all the singing techniques you need to learn.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Singing Course

• Credentials and Expertise of Voice Coach. The two most important factors you should consider when choosing an online singing course are the credentials and expertise of your potential vocal training instructor. Check on teacher’s certification and depth of musical experience to make sure that you will be mentored by a professional Singapore voice coach. Also, ensure that the instructor you will be choosing specializes on the singing technique or the song genre you are planning learn and master.

• Singing Voice of the Instructor. Apart from his credentials, also consider the voice coach’s from a good singing class in Singapore singing voice. Listen to the way he sings and how his voice sounds. If his singing voice is something you would not want to sound like, then it would be best to just look for other available instructors online.

• Voice Lessons and Courses Offered. Since you are taking singing classes online, it is crucial that you thoroughly evaluate the singing lessons offered by various singing programs. Before deciding which voice lesson site to enrol in, make sure that the courses they are offering perfectly fits your needs. If you are no longer a novice singer, then you might want to skip the basics and just proceed with a more advanced course to save money, time and effort. Also, your chosen site should also offer an evaluation after each lesson so you could assess the improvement of your singing voice.

• Price. Online singing lessons became a hit in Singapore because of its affordability. While some online training programs offer free lessons, others still charge their users a few bucks before they can fully utilize the singing lessons they are offering. If your prospective voice lesson site practises the latter, ensure that they are charging you fairly for the services you are getting or planning to get. Surely, you would want to get and enjoy the services you are paying for.

Even without enrolling in a prestigious music school in Singapore, it is still possible for you to learn various singing technique with the help of voice lesson programs. So be sure to choose a program or site that best suits your needs, and you will learn all the essential singing techniques anywhere and anytime you want.