Managing a company’s IT network is now a must for any business today. For most business owners in Singapore, however, monitoring and maintaining the technology that helps in running their business is an increasingly daunting and complex task. This is when teaming up with a managed IT services provider to handle the activities associated with your technology becomes beneficial. The tricky part, however, is figuring out at what point of internal technology management is already too much to handle. To make things easier for you, we rounded up some indications that you already need to partner up with a skilled MSP.

1. You Don’t Have an In-House IT Staff
Even with the growing importance of technology in the business industry, a lot of small and medium-sized companies are still not considering employing in-house IT staff, preferring to rely on an outside contractor or a group of tech-savvy employees to manage and monitor their system. This shouldn’t be the case though. Instead of having your employees or a contractor run your system, hire a team of IT professionals to cater to your technological needs. These experts will be able to handle all the tech responsibilities of your business and strengthen your IT system with much ease.

2. Your Staff Lacks IT-Specific Knowledge
Another sign that you should already outsource and get the best IT service in Singapore is that your staff has an obvious lack of experience and knowledge. Sure, your in-house staff might be able to solve some system issues as they occur, but they are probably not experienced and knowledgeable enough to make the preventive measures that will strengthen your company’s technology environment. Unlike them, managed IT services providers deal with various system issues from multiple clients and are up-to-date on the latest developments in the IT industry. These experts possess a greater depth and breadth of IT-specific knowledge than you can find within your office.

3. Your IT-Related Tasks are Starting to Pile Up
Poorly managing an IT-maintenance task can negatively impact your company productivity and be a huge distraction from your main business service. Fortunately, licensing and doing software updates are some of the areas where hiring an MSP offers some relief. These IT experts create maintenance plans that aid in monitoring software updates and fixing problems that might surface throughout your business processes.

Aside from software updates, licenses also need to be acquired and maintained. Using an unlicensed software might cause you an expensive litigation, a huge fine and a tarnished reputation. By partnering with an IT services provider, you will be able to keep organized records of your licenses and set a schedule for renewing them.

4. You Regularly Experience Tech Problems
Another sign that it’s time for you to partner with an MSP is when you repeatedly experience both simple and complex tech problems. Regularly experiencing such issues can slow down your business’s expansion. The best way to avoid this is to work with a reliable managed IT services provider. With their experience, knowledge and skills, this team of professionals will surely be able to achieve a more efficient IT operations and lift the burden off your staff.

5. You’re Hiring Temporary IT Staff
Employing numerous temporary workers is a sign that you are understaffed, and that your company is growing faster than you can keep up. Finding a skilled IT staff isn’t easy these days, especially in specific areas of expertise like analysts, developers, main-framers and system security specialists. But by hiring an MSP, you will gain access to the experience and exact skills that you need, thus freeing you from relying on temporary employees who lack the specific skills and qualifications that you really need.

6. You’re Uncertain as to Which Technology to Invest In

As a business owner, you will likely be in charge of establishing a company culture, executing a business plan and supervising the management team. All these responsibilities will leave you with little time to keep up with the latest technologies in the industry, and that might pose a difficult challenge when it comes to choosing what technology to invest in. By hiring a reliable technology partner, however, you get to figure out how to efficiently spend your technology budget and discover which IT solutions perfectly fit your business.

7. You’re Having Problems Solving Certain Tech Issues
Although you might have a team of IT specialists in your company, they might not know all the important network details and features of modern technology. If you have encountered several problems that your current team can’t solve, then it might be time to start reaching out to a managed IT services provider. These professionals have excellent IT resources to solve all your technology problems, regardless of how complex your system issues are.

8. You Want to Save Some Money
Some companies in Singapore make the mistake of thinking that their current IT setup is the most cost-efficient option, when in fact, relying on your in-house IT staff will inevitably pull your resources away from their other core functions. To avoid this from happening, outsource your IT improvement and maintenance responsibilities to a reliable and skilled MSP. Aside from lowering your operating costs, you will also enjoy an improved system efficiency because of the round-the-clock IT service they are offering.

Although outsourcing an IT solution might seem like a risky and expensive option, hiring a reliable managed services provider can actually be helpful in managing and maintaining your networks. So make sure that you take note of these signs to help you decide whether or not it’s already time to partner with a skilled IT services provider.