Getting bangs can be both a curse and a blessing. It’ll make you look good one moment, but it’ll eventually develop a life of its own and starts to rebel. Things will even get trickier as summer comes in, since the heat will introduce new issues – sweat and cowlicks. But you don’t need to regret chopping off your tresses though, for we listed down some of fool-proof hacks that you can use to tame your stubborn fringe.

1. Wash Your Hair Often
The recommend thrice a week hair washing only applied to women without bangs. If you decided to get a fringe, however, then shampoo it whenever necessary. Doing so will help keep forehead breakouts from occurring.

2. Opt for a Dry Shampoo
We know that not all of us have the luxury of time to wash our hair regularly. So when your bangs needs some added volume sans the H2O, reach out for your trusty dry shampoo to help absorb the excess oil while creating volume.

3. Avoid Applying Too Much Product
As tempting as it is to overload your tresses with products like pomade, hairspray and hair gel to tame your bangs – don’t, since it’ll cause your hair to look like a greasy mess at the end of the day. Surely, you wouldn’t want to deal with cowlicks.

4. Keep Your Forehead Grease-Free
Minimize your application of products on your forehead area so you could keep it grease-free. Apply less moisturizer, ditch the foundation, and powder only if you’re oily. Do this along with the previous tip and your fringe will be less likely to separate.

5. Heat Style Your Fringe Before It Dries
Once your fringe dries, it’ll be quite difficult to manoeuvre them to the style that you want. So to successfully tame your tresses, heat style them while they’re still vulnerable. After getting out of the shower, simply shake some water off and blow-dry your strands to your preferred look. It won’t have any choice but to follow.

6. Style Them Using a Round Brush
When styling your fringe, ensure that you use a round brush instead of your wide-tooth comb. The former contains more compact bristles, which could help in smoothing over your bangs and uniting its strands better. Set it as your default styling tool for both brushing and blow-drying.

Taming your fringe during the summer season doesn’t have to be that time-consuming. In fact, simply using the right tools and following the aforementioned tips will already help you tame that stubborn fringe even under the intense heat.