These days, social media is no longer just sharing photos or updates with your family and friends. Now, your online presence is already considered as your “personal brand” – a brand that you certainly wouldn’t want to be tarnished with ill-informed posts and disreputable photos. For that reason, we listed down some of the things you should never share on social media, specifically on Instagram.

1. Nude Photos
While this is a personal judgment call – and unless you’re working in the artistic field – we recommend that you abstain from posting birthday-suit photos. Nude or almost-nude shots will certainly cause you to be discriminated, especially if you’re currently looking for a new job. Besides, do you really want your potential employer to know what you look like naked?

2. Videos Filmed Without Any Permission
Do not film anything that’s happening in your office without getting your boss’ permission. If you’re planning to post an innocuous-looking Instagram story, ask one of your co-workers first to view it before posting to ensure that there’s nothing confidential going on in the background.

3. Emotional Cries for Help
You relationship just ended, and we get that you want to post a content that would make your significant other feel bad about losing you. The problem is that posting this kind of content tend to have an opposite effect. It’ll only make you appear like a sad person who’s struggling to move on from a breakup. So whenever you’re in the throes of an emotional event, we recommend waiting 24 hours before posting any photo or update. Chances are, you’ll realize that your post won’t make look as desirable as you hoped.

4. Misinformed Political Views
Adequately research something before you start posting about it, since you’ll never know what news the mainstream media in Singapore picks up these days. Though this is more of a concern on Facebook and Twitter, we’d still advise you to be wary of posting misinformed opinions on Instagram.

5. Photos of Other Children
It’s quite difficult to resist posting photos of babies – our mom-friends who said they’d never do this ended up posting content about their kids ceaselessly. Well, that’s an individual choice, and parents can certainly post whatever photo they want about their own kids. You, on the other hand, shouldn’t casually post photos of any children that are not yours without the permission of their parents – it’s just a big no-no.

Knowing what and what not to post on social networking sites is crucial these days. After all, the content you’re contributing to your social media accounts reflect who you are, who you want to be, and who you’d like to be viewed as professionally. So protect the personal brand you’ve established online by resisting to post any of the aforementioned content either on Instagram or any other social media platforms.